Sunday, August 13, 2006

"Our Tommy"

Firstly a belated thank you to the Priest for a warm welcome, however I need to set a few facts straight.

I am an ex Millie but I am not a born again Christian. Why replace one set of mistaken beliefs for another and Icertainly wouldn't again join up to a club where I have to kow - tow to authority figures who interpret the gospel for me whether dressed in back to front collars or donkey jackets and Doc Martens.

I am also not "right wing" or a Eustonite fellow traveller. If I have to define myself I would probably say I am an independent left who has a horror of ever joining anything again.

I do however recognise that there is more to life than the material, but that's for another blog perhaps.

As an ex member of the Tendency, I have to chuck in my ten penny worth on Comrade Tommy. Firstly, Tommy is innocent. How do I know this ? Because he unlike me ,has remained true to the faith and as a loyal comrade he would have had all imagination severely beaten out of him, with several rolled up copies of the week's paper. So " Swinging", no chance !

It's sad to see the fall out from this whole debacle however, with the split in the SSP, who were I feel were giving Scottish voters an alternative to New Labour. But sadder (and apologies to Tommy if it's the evil capitalist press who are again maybe misrepresenting him) is seeing the Sheridans selling their story to that self same press, negotiating book deals and will be soon seen on "Richard and Judy".

Lets hope it's all going to the Fighting Fund (now where did that money go again ?)


Blogger voltaires_priest said...

Okie dokie - I thought I said you were a "leftie Christian", not a "born again Christian"? Is what I said not right? If so, apologies. :)

Or are you referring to something Denham said? In which case, you know where he lives so you can just go round his house and kick his head in (joke!) :D:D:D

4:33 PM  

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