Friday, October 13, 2006

Back to Basics

Can I just inject a slight criticism here of the blog - I'm getting ever so slightly bored of internicine sniping at other left groups. Yes I don't contribute that often but I have had a couple of sojourns in hospital so that's my excuse, and hence I'd like to throw in a contribution on a pretty basic issue.

I am Diabetic and rely on medication to control my condition. I have just discovered that the stuff I am prescribed while it does the job ,albeit with mildly unpleasant side effects, has been described by the hospital consultant as "old fashioned".

So, why don't I get the latest drugs that work more efficiently and effectively, because dear bloggers they are more expensive and hence would take a toll on my GP's budget.

How jolly selfish of me I can hear you cry. I would be prepared to accept this state of affairs, if I had not found out that I am being prescribed other drugs to lower my cholesterol levels which I don't need. This is because in a one size fits all NHS there is a certain regime of treatment that is prescribed and you have to fit into it.

Now you are all bored with my ailments, but my point is, by fitting in with this regime whether I need it or not, the GP is paid for hitting each target for me as an individual patient, hence they are paid to prescribe stuff whether you need it or not.

This makes me very unsure about the whole concept of professional clinical judgement. We have NICE (and just exactly who are they accountable to), on the one hand who won't license early use of drugs for Alzheimers because of the expense and then someone like myself who is wasting resources by taking stuff they don't really need ,and on speaking to people on the web who subscribe to various forums I am by no means unique.

Equally there is also a pressure on GPs to prescribe certain brands of drugs due to the pressure being put on them by certain drugs companies, but that's a whole can of worms in itself

If I refuse, I could face being struck off my GP's list

It 's enough to make you want to nationalise the pharmaceutical industry !

PS Whatever his motive, Jack is right !


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