Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I saw the film last night - after being told it was hilarious. Rather than rolling around holding my tummy with laughter pains.. I thought the film raised a few interesting things about the nature of certain people.. It was shocking what he was allowed to get away with saying some things, I thought that initially, but then I realised there was something more sinister in the people he was encountering - it is funny cos he went to one of the most run down places in the entire film. Where he was in the Hood (if you can call it that) he was surrounded by Black men who were made to look quite threatening - but they treated him with genuine respect.. opposed to the attitude he got from some of the others - there was the constant 'Welcome to America' which was said with so much passion and friendliness; But then you had the exposure of blatant Anti-Semitism, misogynism, Homophobia and Racism, which was really disturbing!

Anyhow well done to Sasha - I always thought he was a bit of a racist comic - there are certain things I have seen him do and say on TV.. which I thought pushed things too far - but I can now see he does it deliberately to see if people retaliate or are too polite to confront him. One situation I can remember, was when he was on something like Parkinson and he was sharing the guest list with one of the actors from Goodness Gracious Me - he said something to that actor, which was quite outrageously racist - and the response he got from the actor was an open mouth and raised eye brows - the expression said it all *I can't believe you can SAY THAT and I'm speechless, cos we're on Parki*

Has anyone else seen this Borat film I'm going on about - if so, let's hear whatcha gotta say.

P.S it's late...


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