Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Socialism 2006

Shiraz Socialist

Hi everyone,

Socialism 2006, a weekend of discussion and debate is being held this coming weekend in Central London. For more info see

There will be some very good debates, on all sorts of questions. For eg, the muslim association of britain and a rep from the SP on the way forward for British muslims, debates on the labour pary question, with reps from the LRC and John4leader, Cuba solidarity campaign on Cuba. Tory, Green, Lab, Lib Dem, Socialist Students debate which party offers a way forward for young people.
Anyway there are loads of debates, with people from loads of different organisations, with a rally for Socialism on saturday night, including Lucy Redler from WASG, Tommy Sheridan, Peter Taaffe, Greek student, Sri Lankan activist on the situation in that country, Mark Serwotka, Len Hockey - steward at Whipps Cross Hospital. Should be a good weekend,, of course there will one or two beers as well.

For information, the SWP were invited to debate with us - but refused, one can only guess why.


Larry C


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