Friday, October 13, 2006

Stroppier than ever

All of us at 'Shiraz' like the 'Stroppies' (aka: 'The Will Fan Club' - link on the right) , despite their cruel breaking of our tender hearts when they stood us up in Manchester recently. The Priest and I were so distraught that we turned to drink and were quite unmanageable for a while.

Anyway, the Stroppies have a new and very tasteful design on their site. I think it's inspired by Ms Nichole Kidmans outstanding portrayal of 'Catwoman' in a film. I am told that it has been created by that master of good taste and sound judgement, Will (aka 'The Jim Denham Fan Club' - link on the right), who also jazzed up Dave Osler's blog (also linked-to, on the right). As I remember, having redesigned the Osler site, Will (on his blog, 'A General Theory of Rubbish') said someting like: "What a good-looking site: shame about the contents".

The Stroppies' site always had good contents: now it's good-looking too.

We'll stick to austere minimalism.

Congrats to all involved.


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