Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Sectarians' Corner

For sectariana buffs, I was rolling on the floor and howling with laughter at a truly legendary exchange on Lenin's Tomb, a blog run by an SWP student with a lot of time on his hands, and judging by his choice of nick, a high sense of self-esteem.

Lenny's in a bad mood at the moment; apparently he's got exams coming up and he needs to get some serious revision done. So he's venting, I guess - and in that spirit Lenny has a few words of wisdom for George Galloway, following the controversy over George's recent comments about suicide bombing Tony Blair:

"He should have said that the only tragedy in the instance of Blair perishing in a suicide attack would be the loss of life on the part of the executor. He should have said that at least if we hung the cabinet, no innocent lives would be lost."

There you are George. Now stop being such a big soft git and listen to your uncle Len, get back to that microphone and land yourself in jail for incitement.

Also please do take the time to read the comments box - I know over 200 comments can be intimidating, but believe me it's worth it if only for the exchanges between Lenin's (considerably wittier) pal Meaders from Dead Men Left, and the one and only immortal internet warrior, Jim Denham of the AWL - I'm telling you, office boredom relief doesn't come much better!

Also, if I ever meet the guy who posted in that thread as "Sean Matgamna", I'm gonna buy him a pint. Daaaaamn funny!


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