Tuesday, August 01, 2006

You can choose your friends, but...

It seems that ex-BNP councillor Sharon Ebanks (who was famously not-elected in Birmingham, in the May elections) has been having even more fun and games with her nemeses at the Birmingham Sunday Mercury. Having had previous stories run about her saying that her father was black, this crusader for the Aryan race has now had to face an invitation from a relative to "come and meet her black family". Needless to say, this has been gleefully reported by the Merc, who I must say really seem to have the bit between their teeth when it comes to the vile Ms Ebanks.

A chap named Lindbergh Williams, himself a scion of the family, has been doing the Ebanks family tree. Apparently it's not merely Sharon's dad who was black. According to Lindbergh:

"All of the Ebankses originate from Jamaica and are inter-related. Most of them are very light-skinned like Sharon."

Lindbergh certainly seems like a lovely fellow; according to the Merc's report, he feels that his fellow family members (many of whom apparently loathe the racist BNP member) should lighten up on Sharon:

"Some members of the family are angry that she is in the BNP. Others say she is an embarrassment. But I believe she is just a sad and mixed up person. She is a single mum who has had a tough upbringing and blames others for her present situation."

That's more charitable, for sure, than I would be about any member of my family who regularly denounced mixed marriage and ran as a BNP councillor.

Sharon herself apparently insists that Jamaican Radwell Ebanks was not her father, and that she was the product of an affair that her mother had with a white, Scottish alcoholic who has since died. Offered the chance by the Merc to produce a birth certificate to this effect, she has thus far declined. As ever, she had some touching and affectionate parting words for the Merc reporter:

"I know who my father was and you can speak to him if you can resurrect him. Now, p**s off."

Sharon, in the world of far-right politics there are scary thugs on the one hand, and saddos who need to get a life on the other. And you, it would seem, fall into the latter category.

Voters of Kingstanding, you got off lightly when the high court recount took away Sharon's seat. Next time when you go to vote, just remember how close you came to being stuck with her.


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