Saturday, July 29, 2006

Killing of workers in Iraq

The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) is one of the two major Kurdish parties in Iraq, and an assocaite organisation (observer status) of the Socialist International, the body whose full members include UK Labour, the French PS and German SPD. It has a significant number of elected MPs in the Iraqi Parliament. Its leader, Jalal Talabani, is the current President of Iraq.

However, the PUK has a history of gangsterism and repressive behaviour towards dissent in its own territories. And if you believe that it's changed, you'd better think again.

This is the text of a recent Iraq Union Solidarity appeal:

This morning (27th July) the PUK killed 3 workers and injured 13 more at a factory in Tasloja in Sulaimaniya in Iraq. The workers only crime was to be taking part in a picket of a cement factory calling for an increase of wages. This is a clear infringement of democratic rights and basic freedom of expression. We the undersigned call on Trade Union Branches and human rights organisations to send messages to Jalal Talabani who was selected as president of Iraq in April, condemning this action.

Dashty Jamal IFIR

David Broder Convenor of Iraq Union Solidarity

Karen Johnson No Sweat

Appeals to: Mr. Jalal Talabani, President, Republic of Iraq, Convention Centre (Qasr al-Maaridh), Baghdad, Iraq

If you have a fax, please send appeals via the PUK offices abroad and ask them to be forwarded to President Talabani:- PUK office in United Kingdom: fax: +44 20 7 840 0630

- PUK office in United States: fax:+1 202 637 2723- PUK office in Germany: fax: +49 30 863 987 94

- PUK office in France: fax:+33 1 409 00282

- PUK office in Italy: fax:+39 06 50 37120 (if someone answers ask for the fax line)

- PUK office in the EU: fax:+31 703 895832 (if someone answers ask for the fax line)

- PUK office in Sweden: fax: +46 8 917693 (if someone answers ask for the fax line)

COPIES TO: International Federation of Iraqi Refugees -, TEL: 07856 032991

I need add nothing more. Please register your protest and give the developing Iraqi labour movement all the assistance that you can.


Blogger David Broder said...

Protest in front of PUK’s office on Tuesday 1st August - from 12:00 to 14:00
At 5 Glass House Walk
London SE5

Nearest tube station: Vauxhall (Victoria line)

Solidarity with Iraqi workers!

8:35 AM  

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