Thursday, July 20, 2006

Ridley Didley... ok you get it already

This one's especially for Stroppy, who appears to think I have an Yvonne Ridley fixation.

Many of you will be familiar with my little series of scribblings about la Ridley, looking (not always with due reverence) at her political actions and stances. But it seems this time she's got something extra special to tell us.

In an article in Muslims Weekly from a couple of months ago, Yvonne brings to our attention a phenomenon which is eating away at the moral core of Muslim communities across the UK, and which is clearly a diversion from the concerns that should always be at the forefront of those communities' minds, such as Guantanamo and Iraq. The name of this disturbing, diversionary phenomenon? Errm... it's nasheed music.

In the article, Ridley berates nasheed superstar Sami Yusuf in particular, for his encouragement of "pop culture" amongst young Muslims. She was horrified, it seems, to see Yusuf's "stage groupies" (I presume this is Yvonne-speak for "staff") encouraging people to get up and sing along. This, she considers is comparable to the "fluffers" who Yvonne thinks operate in lap-dancing circles. Well, being a boy of such high moral standards, I wouldn't know.

And she finshes off with a crescendo warning to all, lest they fall under the spell of this latter day pied piper:

"Will you climb on theater chairs and express your rage over Guantanamo Bay and other gulags where our brothers and sisters are being tortured, raped, sodomized, beaten, and burned? Or will you just switch off this concerned sister and switch on to the likes of Sami Yusuf because he can sell you a pipe dream with his soothing words and melodic voice?"

Wow, Sami. You're a bad bad man. You and your mind-controlling charity concerts, trying to hypnotise the world and stop its citizens from hearing Yvonne's words of wisdom. And here was me thinking you just sang nice songs.

Yusuf has written a dignified response to Ridley, which can be read here, and which sets a few things straight:

"What shocked and even angered me was the way you shamelessly insulted our pure innocent sisters who were supporting a charity concert by describing them as “fluffers”! (Incidentally, these very sisters managed to raise over £100,000 for orphans all over the world.) I – like the vast majority of those who read your article – was blissfully ignorant about the very existence of this disgusting obscene word, and I would question the wisdom of introducing it to the vocabulary of your readers."

Want my advice, Sami? Just ignore the strange lady and keep on making that great music.

But then I'm a blogger, and as Yvonne knows, we're evil.


Blogger stroppybird said...

"This one's especially for Stroppy, who appears to think I have an Yvonne Ridley fixation."


I think you protest to much!

Admit it, you have a little shrine of photos to her in your flat, a YR doll and of course scrapbooks of her quotes that you read each night, whilst fantasing over her ankles ;-)

1:47 PM  
Blogger voltaires_priest said...

Damn, you've been to my flat?

1:40 AM  
Blogger stroppybird said...



Don't want people thinking I go into strange mens flats :-)

My reputation !!

8:23 AM  

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