Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A richly deserved kicking

Sometimes I wonder why I continue to read the Guardian: it infuriates me to the point that I seriously worry about my blood pressure. It's the columnists, in particular, that get to me. The smug reactionary Simon Jenkins, the friend of dictators Jonathan Steele, the Buntingesue god-botherer Karen Armstrong...and their Stalinist ringmaster Seamas Milne: what a fucking shower! Actually, by comparison Johnathan Freedland is usually only mildly irritating and occasionally even shows signs of rational thought. But his offering today ("the Pope should know than to endorse the idea of a war of faiths") is miserable, craven, relativist drivel. Freedland even claims that "religious groups begin to look like ethnic ones. Which means that a slur on religion is experienced much like a racist insult".

The best thing about the Guardian is it's "Comment is Free" readers' blog. And today the readers have rallied round to give Freedland a richly deserved kicking. It has warmed the cockles and you should take a look here.


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