Thursday, September 14, 2006

You know you're a wanker when... (an ode to the Euston crew)

First off, much applause to David T from Harry's, for this post. Dave, you are truly a decent "decent". But my God, some of your pals, mentioning no names (*cough* *Brownie and Mike C* *cough*) are fucking fools.

I never thought I would see any person on HP defend an act of political manipulation by a Prime Minister as though it were his simple right, because of his job title. But people manage it on that thread. Jeeeeeeeez.

Right: So you think it's ok to be a Blairite school headteacher, who invites the leader of the Labour Party (that is the crucial title here) along so that he can make a partisan announcement about his leadership in front of an audience of applauding 11 year olds (as against, ya know, questioning journalists). Whereas being a classroom assistant who organises a protest against that should be a sacking offence, huh?

And you're on the left, are you? And they looked from man to wanker...

Robin Sivapalan Rocks!!!


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