Friday, September 08, 2006

Denham floors Galloway - Your Soaraway Shiraz Socialist got there first!

The mother of all congratulations to mi compadre Jim Denham, who has just been the first, and best, critical caller to rattle George Galloway on his "playing host to the SWP'ers and their mates" show which he shared with the two Mikes, Lavalette and Rosen. The topics were Anti-Semitism and Palestine.

Galloway claimed Jim had "libelled" him by saying that Galloway had not denounced a particular conspiracist speaker at a previous Birmingham Trades Council meeting, where Big George had been a guest speaker. Well first, George, even if you were right it would be slander and not libel (spoken, see?), but I rather doubt whether even that is the case.

Also, Jim managed to get a name-check on the Galloway show for the Alliance for Workers' Liberty, which will surely have Sean Matgamna and Martin Thomas laughing long and hard into the night.

E viva Denham! E viva Shiraz Socialist!


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