Sunday, September 03, 2006

Faking it...

You may recall the recent "interview" of Hassan Nasrallah by Turkish newspaper Evrensel. you may even have have heard some people (well, OK, Lenny Lenin) raving about how "fascinating" it was - once you've "gone beyond that bollocks" about the American media being controlled by Jewish capitalists of course. First time I've heard a self-professed lefty argue that such anti-semitic comments are what you need to "go beyond" in order to really appreciate a "fascinating interview", but that's a whole other debate.

Others, of course, got themselves all worked up about it in a different way.

But gentle reader, what you may not have realised was that it wasn't an interview at all; in fact it was a fake. What's more, both Evrensel and Hezbollah say so. There was some speculation about this before - a possibility even acknowledged, bizarrely, by some who nevertheless reproduced the interview on the net, but it's now out there in the open.

So, really, it was all a big fuss about nothing. Ah well, such is the stuff of internet politics.

(Hat tip: Harry's Place, who have posted the news)


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