Friday, September 08, 2006

If you really have nothing better to do tonight

This just arrived in my new Haloscan comments - the sort of spam one would normally delete, except it's an invitation that's too good to miss:

George Galloway will be presenting a special, extra three hours of his phone in show on TalkSport – Available on 1089/1053 AM, Sky Digital 0108, Freeview 723, Digital Cable, DAB Digital and at – on Friday 8 September from 10pm. He'll be joined by broadcaster and writer Michael Rosen to discuss the fallout in Britain from the conflict in the Middle East. Is anti-Semitism on the rise, as an unofficial committee of MPs claims this week? When does legitimate criticism of Israel cross over into anti-Jewish prejudice? Phone 08704 20 20 20 or text in via 81089 or email via the website – – to join the discussion.

You heard the man. 08704 20 20 20 or email via the TalkSport website. For any US based people who might be reading and fancy letting George know their views on this issue, that's 5pm Miami/New York time.



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