Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Priest killed the babies!

Who was it said that to be a good writer you had to be prepared to "kill your babies"?

Anyway, the Priest has certainly aborted a lot of lovely little cuddly foetuses, when he unililaterally switched us over to 'HaloScan' - whatever the bloody hell that is. So many witty and wise comments have now been lost forever. However, I hope that contributors like the Stroppies, Boogski, Bruce, Dave and Clive will continue to give us the benefit of their wisdom. And I shouldn't really complain about the Priest, as he's the one who keeps this here blog going. I'm just a dilettante, really: but at least I have a go occasionally, unlike my colleagues, who really must pull their fingers out! Bloody poor show, chaps (and chapesses)!


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