Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Men on the run...

Just so ya know, within the past few days it has come to my attention, via Joanna, that the Evil-World fighting crusaders of Vigil have removed their page from the bizarre IC-HUMINT website. Furthermore, although it may just be a technical glitch, it would seem today that the IC-HUMINT site itself isn't working either. So much for saving Jerusalem from the Muslim hordes, these goons couldn't even handle moderate amounts of hostile attention stemming from a botched attempt to stitch up two UK-based loony toon theocratic groups. Think about it - it's perfectly possible to do a number on a bunch of nutters like the Hizb-ut-Tahrir or Al-Muhajiroun, merely by telling the truths about them that everybody already knows. But Vigil couldn't even get that right.

Anyway, the slow withdrawal from the public sphere of Jenvey and Whiteman's little band of brothers is something to be applauded, although I very much doubt whether they've gone away altogether. Their online secret-squirrel-cum-boys-own adventuring will undoubtedly continue apace. Remember folks, if that guy chatting to you online seems a bit dodgy, it's probably because he is.

(Hat-tips and a hearty round of back-slapping to Vigil Exposed, The Neurocentric, Anarcho-Muslim and all of the others who have used the means at their disposal to blow the lid on Vigil)


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