Wednesday, December 27, 2006

One of the most stupid and over-rated Britons

Apparently, the Tories - under new, trendy new leader Webcameron - have come up with a list of "12 poeple who made Britain great", who they propose should be studied in schools.

The Independent, quite rightly, is taking the piss out of this moronic concept of history...

Unfortunately, they have (today, 27 December) asked the posh mockney comedian "Mark Steel" to take the piss...out of common decency and working-class solidarity. Ironic, isn't it: because "Mark 'Steel' Steel" claims to be some sort of leftie?

Steel writes the following in today's Independent:


"Or whatever she's called now. Here was a woman who responded to the occupation her peoples' land by attacking the invading forces, and burning down towns, including London. To which the Romans declared: 'But why doesn't anyone look at the positive things that are happening?" and insisted job was done and the insugents defeated".

What exactly does this twat Steel mean by the above?

1/ That all invasions are bad and must be resisted? (ie: that the allies should have got out of Germany in 1945?, and Saddam is right to denounce the "invaders");

2/ That the muderers of trade unionists and democrats in Iraq are a legitimate national liberation movement?

3/ That "comedians" know a lot about politics and should be given columns in national newspapers to spout fucking bollocks?

...actually, Steel's worst sin is... apart from coming out with standard SWP-type anti-working-class crap, is...not being funny: which, given that his politics are rubbish, doesn't leave him with much in his favour, really.


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