Friday, December 22, 2006

Volty gets banned!

In a moment of pant-wettingly funny hilarity, Volty has been banned by the kevin-the-revolutionary-teenagers of (crap) blog Through the Scary Door, apparently for laughing at their post about "Vermin of the Year". Which is tremendously amusing in itself, but wait gentle reader. A story lies therein.

In case you were wondering who these SWP members thought were the "Vermin of the Year", but can't be arsed to read Morbo's drivelling on the subject, they said... well go on, guess. George Bush? Nope. Tony Blair? No. Ehud Olmert? Not even close. Perhaps the BNP? Well, they did get a mention but nope, they missed out on the top prize.

So who did win, and in doing so spark a wave of hilarity currently doing the rounds of the internet? Why, of course, it's the National Union of Students! "Worms, Vermin and Scabs", so they are, sez the Scary Door, an organisation infected with "Zionist hacks" like... err... Union National President Gemma Tumelty.

Anyway, at this point lots of people (myself included) laughed at the Scary Door folk, and so they crapped themselves, deleted a load of comments, and banned anyone who was nasty to them. They would have done more but their mums called them in for their tea.

Oh my, another day in virtual politics...

Update 23/12/06 - for those of you who were holding your breath for news on this shocking subject, Volty has now been unbanned and the comments all put back! Well done to whichever one of the Scary Door Children decided to have a youthful rebellion, refuse mummy's beans on toast and, like, stick it to the man!


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