Tuesday, December 05, 2006

There's a new low in the blogosphere...

And I'm not quite sure what to make of it.

Looking through this very new blog, it struck even me as being a bit gratuitous on the swearing front. It's a matter of personal taste rather than morals: I have no objection to calling someone a cunt, I just think it's more effective if you only say it once per sentence. The blog owner also clearly needs to work out how to use Blogger's virtually self-explanatory system for posting HTML - after all, if Denham can do it without gobbets of code appearing on screen, then anyone can. So... that's the downside.

But then on the other hand, this week's "cunt" in question is Kelvin MacKenzie, and the author "V" (I am not he, incidentally), really goes to town on someone who, after all, really does cry out for that kind of treatment. And there are some moments of real, biting wit. There's only the one post on the blog so far, so it does of course have plenty of time for fine tuning. What's more, V has a sidebar that links to some old friends of this site. So that's the upside. Have a look and judge for yourselves. Although you might not want to do so at work, unless your boss really doesn't mind seeing the word "cunt" on your screen, many times over.

Hat tip, inevitably, to you know who (and no, it's not him either!)


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