Saturday, December 02, 2006

These bosses really are bastards

Regular readers may remember the JJB Sports (Wigan) dispute, that this site, together with the Stroppies and Will Rubbish publicised: The GMB union put in a claim for for an improved basic rate of pay, only to be told by main shareholder Dave Whelan (personal fortune £200 million), "To give everyone the same wage would be barmy. It's the communist way-cuckoo land!". He offered 3% across the board, which the workers rejected, and they then organised a series of strikes, supported by No Sweat.

It looked as though the JJB workers had won, when the GMB released a press statement saying that JJB management had tabled a revised offer dealing with the issue of the basic rate and access to bonuses for all workers.

On the basis of this offer, the GMB called off further strike action.

However, thew bosses then sacked leading GMB representative Chris Bailey.

Chris says:

" I called on you a short while ago to support JJB strikers in their fight for better pay and conditions and the response was overwhelming.

"I am now calling on you again to help us fight to save our union recognition at JJB. As you may have been aware at the time, I was suspended - now I've been SACKED!

This is a vindictive attack upon a union organiser - the bosses' answer to a successful campaign of industrial action. Please send urgent messages of support to:


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