Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Another reason not to vote Cruddas

Below is a quote from the pamphlet "Fit For Purpose: a Programme for Labour Party Renewal", by Jon Cruddas and John Harris, available for your delectation from his website. The quote is from page 4 of the pamphlet, and is also in the summary on Cruddas' site.

"As far as Labour's national organisation is concerned, our proposals include: The settlement of the party's federal structure along lines that have been taking shape for the last two decades. Labour's decision-making bodies - the National Executive Committee (NEC), the National Policy Forum (NPF), the annual conference - should be founded on a model in which a third is given over to the membership, a third to the unions, and a third to a new force made up of MPs, MEPs, Labour representatives in local government, and socialist societies."

So there you are. Vote for Cruddas, the big born-again left winger, if you want to reduce organised labour's voice in the Labour Party. All you "I'm voting for Brown but guess what, I'm voting for Cruddas rather than Harman, gosh aren't I radical" types must be so proud of yourselves.

Interestingly, Cruddas' introductory campaign leaflet (also available on his website) carries a picture of him sitting next to TGWU General Secretary Tony Woodley. Hands up anyone who's actually heard Woodley pledge his union's support to Cruddas' campaign? Or even heard him publicly declare who he personally will be backing in the deputy leader's race? Nobody? What a surprise...

(Hat-tip: Jim for sending me a leaflet, of whose authorship I am unaware, but whose authors I shall credit as soon as I know their names)


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