Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Just a quick point which I thought I'd make in public (cos it does look a bit dodgy - hat tip to Dave in the comments) with regards to mis amigos Lalamimi and Wanderslore. The more hawk-eyed amongst you will have noticed that they no longer appear in the sidebar as contributors to this site. This isn't because I've suddenly turned all Gerry Healy over Christmas and cast all PSC'ers and ex-Millies into the outer darkness. Nor have I thrown a pathetic hissy fit over a perceived slight like some people I could mention. So fear not.

It's just a technical matter due to this blog having been forced finally (in spite of my valiantly ignoring the prompts for some time) to switch over to new version of Blogger. Mike was already on the new version thanks to his own site having already made the switch. And in spite of a number of false starts, and in spite of much cursing and muttering of "this is all fucking beyond me, this is", I managed to pilot Denham through the process a few days ago. Larry seems to have worked it out sans assistance, resourceful young man that he is.

So Lala and Wanders, just follow the prompts when you log in and you should be sorted. If there's a problem, let me know and we'll try to sort something out. And be quick about it - people are starting to talk...


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