Saturday, January 13, 2007

The end of a beautiful friendship?

Further to my previous comments on SWP-apologist Michael Rosen finally getting it together to criticise (very politely) the comrades' indulgence of anti-semite sax-player Gilad Atzmon: letters in the present issue of Socialist Worker (from SWP hacks, notably the appalling Lindsey German) make it clear that they aren't going to tolerate any criticism of their racist-saxist hero.

I presume while there will be plenty more SWP-sponsored gigs for Atzmon, there will be no more meetings for Rosen (at Marxism, or anywhere else), who will now be be air-brushed out of history by those Stalinists de le jour, the SWP.

But will Rosen learn any lessons, or draw any conclusions? Let's hope so.


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