Saturday, January 27, 2007

"Jelly Baby": patronising swine

We've all been a bit serious lately. I just thought I'd attempt to lighten the tone a tad, by reproducing the text of a poster that has appeared in my local boozer; I realise that given my near-slapping at the hand of Stroppy Bird recently, I may not be considered best placed to pronounce upon sexism, or to accuse anyone of being a "patronising swine". But here it is, anyway (I don't understand all of it, by the way):

"Top professional pool entertainer David "JELLY BABY" Holt -as seen on TV- presents an evening of entertainment...(here)..."Jelly Baby" is so confident he is offering a four shot start (carry on rule) from the break for £10 per game upwards

"50 shot start for the ladies !

"Including trick shot exhibition.

"'I've seen the rest, but Jelly's the best' - Jimmy White".


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