Sunday, January 21, 2007

And now for a bit of sectarian gossip

Right now I'm listening to the James Whale show - on TalkSport after Radio Galloway, and his guest is one Faria Alam (she of the "I shagged Sven" fame). I'd heard the rumour before, that she is the cousin of AWL student organiser Sacha Ismail. This was something that I was always reasonably prepared to believe, not because Sacha particularly reminds me of Faria, but because I had no reason to disbelieve it.

However, some spod (sounding like a geeky undergrad) has just phoned the show and asked Faria straight out whether she is Sacha's cousin. He also said that the AWL "hate George Galloway more than anything else" or words to that effect, an assertion that may surprise Matgamna and the crew. Apparently there was some tangent about how if Galloway married Faria, he'd then have to see Sacha at the wedding or some such. Ah, the old common room rib-ticklers. I remember them well.

Anyways, not only did Faria deny that Sacha is her cousin, she also appeared to deny knowing him at all. She sounded genuinely perplexed, saying things like "What cousin? I don't have many cousins". She couldn't really have been much more emphatic.

So Sacha, what's the story? Does anyone else know anything? I think we should be told.


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