Friday, January 19, 2007

Big Brother: a vindication of the British working class

I'm writing this at about ten-to-nine on Friday 19 February 2007. My partner (gawd bless' er) is downstairs, glued to the screen, poised to phone or text the Celebrity Big Brother eviction -line, to get rid of the Bigot. She (my partner, not the Bigot) lost interest in "Big Brother" - "Celebrity" or otherwise, some time ago, but has now been mobilised by the Bigot and her Unbelievably Inarticulate and Stupid Chav Friends, to start watching again (which is, no doubt, some comfort to Channel Four and Endomol).

The fact that the Bigot will be evicted for her bullying and racism is to be welcomed; the fact that she will be voted out by an overwhelmingly working class audience should give pause for thought to those "anti-racists" who seem to think that the white, British working class are simply irredeemably racist: they're not, and they react strongly when a racist, bullying bigot brings them into disrepute. Happily, tonight's result will make that clear. And, happily, it will also mark the end of the Bigot's career - and the careers of her equally nasty and talentless friends.


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