Friday, June 02, 2006

Tinfoil Hat of the Week

Tinfoil Hat of the week goes to "Steve Freedom", whom the excellent Ministry of Truth site claims is in fact Simon Smith, the recently elected BNP councillor for Great Bridge in Sandwell, in this wonderful article.

"Steve's" views on Jews are obviously nauseating, (and he appears to spend an great deal of time thinking about such issues) but they do include such unintentionally hilarious gems as this:

"I think because they are so intelligent when it comes to language, inherent understanding of hierarchies and haggling/politics etc they are capable of exploiting the 'Homer Simpsons' of our societies. They understand weaknesses in White folks and can manipulate them…. If Homer is stupid enough to let Mr Burns in to watch the boxing match then Homer is the one that needs to be told he is a fool. Can we blame Mr Burns?"

That's right "Steve". You can't blame Mr Burns.

We love you, "Steve Freedom". It's thanks to men like you that the BNP promises to remain a marginal force in British politics, not just for this decade but for many years to come.


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