Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Bush and Blair Corporation?

Here's a quickie - as ever, I was sitting by the wireless last night, listening to George Galloway in his twice weekly TalkSport slot, "The Mother of All Talk Shows". One caller in particular brought up the question of George's recent shouting match with a Sky News presenter. When the caller suggested that there might be issues with Sky's coverage, Galloway responded that he thought the BBC was "worse" and referred to it as the "Bush and Blair Corporation".

Now, I know the BBC is state-owned etc, but to suggest (as George seemed to be) that it has a right-wing bias worse than the UK TV news network owned by Rupert Murdoch, seems more than a little bizarre. Particularly given that the majority of negative views attributed to the BBC claim the opposite to what George says - ie that the BBC is hyper-critical of "Bush and Blair". For example, in a show of the Murdoch media's objectivity, bookers for presenter Bill O'Reilly on Murdoch's US network Fox News, tried to badger's Rory O'Connor into calling the BBC the "Baghdad Broadcasting Corporation" on-air. When O'Connor refused, he was promptly un-invited from the show. See, now that's fair and balanced.

I should just make clear that this blog is, of course, 100% certain that TalkSport's ongoing use of the Sky News service has had no impact at all on George's view.


Anonymous Chris Baldwin said...

Both sides are idiots and wrong.

6:38 AM  

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