Sunday, February 11, 2007

Oh fer fuck's sake.

Just a quick one now.

Some of you may remember that some days ago I wrote another post explaining to the thick and uninspired why Jon Cruddas isn't very left wing. In the course of that I had a less than subtle dig at Dave Osler, who at that time had just written something to the effect that he might vote for Cruddas if no-one better showed up. Predictably, Dave remained splendidly aloof from my barbed words - showing himself to be one of the few political class acts remaining on the left in the process.

However, in the course of the same post I tangentially mentioned some more certain Cruddas supporters, including one Antonia Bance, an ex-student leftie from Oxford University and now Labour councillor, whom I called "allegedly left wing". I'd always thought this was a fairly simple phrase, meaning that someone claims to be left wing, but that I can't see how that claim is justified. Not a big deal, and an opinion that can be retracted on production of some evidence to the contrary.

But no. First in the comments her (presumably) pal Don Paskini took me to task for my "spiteful attack" on her. He was, however, pacified once I explained that this was not a plot on part of "my comrades" (by whom one presumes he meant the AWL) to undermine her by, err, being mean. So all was well.

But now... she's bloody posting about it herself! Apparently my little chiding words count as a "denunciation" in the rarefied atmosphere of Oxfordian politics. All I can say is that politics amid the ivory towers must be fairly Queensbury rules compared to the rest of the country, if "allegedly left wing" is an excessively pejorative thing to say about someone. Perhaps someone should introduce her to Will for a bit of toughening-up...

Antonia, I'm sure you're a jolly nice person, left wing or not. Chin up. Pip-pip. TTFN.


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