Monday, June 05, 2006

It's official. I've joined the ranks of the damned.

Some of you will be aware that as well as posting my scribblings on this site, I'm also a member of some of the "" forums run by Virtual Countries International. They're quite big and have a very diverse membership, many of whom are lovely, and some of whom you wouldn't want to run into on a dark night. But by and large, they're a mildly diverting way to amuse oneself when one's in front of a PC with some time to kill.

Now, many of you will also be familiar with a particular species that inhabits the internet - the Frothy-Mouthed Lunatic Who's Looking For an Audience. I have encountered one such, and, for the first time, had someone apparently demand that God sends me to hell, on a web board. His name is "DrJames" and he is a legend of the old school.

Observe the thread
(which is worth reading in itself). For those of you who can't be bothered, here's the killer quote:

"Now Voltaire gives me the opinion that he is an enemy of the gospel of Christ. Now upon the power that invest in me by the church and by Christ, I drive Voltaire off these web sites. In the Name of the Father in the name of the son, in the name of the Holy Spirit. Be gone, and be never heard off again. I put a curse upon you that the angel of Gd keep driving you and never stop."

Yes, upon the power that invest in him by the church and by Christ, he drive me off these web sites. And he puts a curse on me by the angel of Gd.

Respect to you, DrJames. The internet is a perfect home for people like you, and you make it the colourful place that it is. What is more, you're running close to knocking Steve Freedom off his pedestal as official holder of the Shiraz Socialist Tinfoil Hat.

Keep Trucking, Doctor.

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Blogger Renegade Eye said...

Virtual Countries is quite addicting.

Right off the bat your country is threatened.

10:12 PM  
Anonymous boogski said...

LOL! Whenever I read Dr. James' stuff, I can't help thinking of the dreaded Landover Baptist Church. One of the funniest religious parody sites I've ever seen. I'm convinced the good Doctor is a hoaxter. :D

7:25 PM  

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