Sunday, June 11, 2006

Credit where credit's due

I never thought I would say this, but a big well done to George Galloway (no, there's not going to be a funny twist at the end), for publicly disowning Yvonne Ridley's call on East London Muslims to cease co-operating with the police. On BBC Question time last week, George laid it on the line in name of his Respect Unity Coalition, stating flatly that withdrawal of co-operation was "not our policy". And when asked to outline his stance again, he reiterated that:

"Our policy is not that we should withdraw co-operation from the police"

He went on from there to make entirely apposite comments about how, neverthless, there is a real feeling of no confidence in the police on the part of young Muslim people in London.

George, I find myself oddly light-headed and delirious when saying this, but on this occasion you got it exactly right. This is one former-Trotskyist popinjay who salutes your courage, your strength and your indefatigability.

Gawd, I think I need my pills...


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