Thursday, June 15, 2006

Another right wing blowhard

Some of you will hopefully have read my post about Ann Coulter's vile abuse of a group of 9/11 widows. I'd now like to introduce you to her colleague Michelle Malkin. Michelle's a bit like Ann, except my Michelle story is about a lie she told recently.

UK readers may need a bit of backfiller on this. In the US Right's demonology, progressives of all stripes hate America. They hate it because they're bad people who want to burn the flag, march through every major city centre attacking war veterans, and to legalise sex with animals. I.e. to the right, progressives stand against everything that "decent folk" in the right's eyes, believe in.

The one flaw in this narrative, of course, is that it isn't true. There are obviously some nutters who claim to be on the left, who probably want to do the things that I mentioned above, but then there are nutters on the right too. Neither actually represents mainstream left, or right, wing opinion. Therefore justifying such demonisations can be difficult at times.

Michelle got it sorted though - she just said that a group of progressives at a meeting booed the speaker, Hiliary Clinton, for praising America and US troops. Which wasn't true.

But hey, a little white lie for the cause never hurt anyone, right Michelle?


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